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  1. Nullifying Slavery – 2017-01-16 11:03:19-05In 1850 the Federal Government passed the “Federal Fugitive Slave Act” requiring states to return slaves who escaped to their owners. However, some states believing this law to be unconstitutional exercised their right to nullify this law. Maybe Kansas should take a page out of the American history book and step up and support Cox […]The post Nullifying Slavery appeared first on KrisAnne Hall.
  2. Yes- I Am An Attorney – 2017-01-16 21:06:22-05Today’s #Point2Ponder: Yes I am an attorney.  But, do not quote to me “the law” to justify your position.  If your justification for your position is “the supreme Court says so,” then you have no position. Just because it is the law doesn’t make it lawful.  Just because it is the law, doesn’t make it […]The post Yes- I Am An Attorney appeared first on KrisAnne Hall.
  3. What the GOP Promises for 2017 – 2017-01-17 10:25:46-05Now that the GOP has a majority in both houses and a Republican in the White House will they finally follow through on their past promise for a more Constitutional government? It is time for feet to be held to the heat of the fire. No more excuses GOP. Alternatively you can listen to “GOP […]The post What the GOP Promises for 2017 appeared first on KrisAnne Hall.
  4. How The Government Goes Wild – 2017-01-18 09:13:24-05Today’s #Point2Ponder: This is how the federal government gets out of control: http://goo.gl/rnO1iZ 1. Congress creates an Act that expands federal power beyond the limits of the Constitution: For example: The Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938. This Act limited the area of land a farmer could devote to the production of wheat. The purpose was to manipulate […]The post How The Government Goes Wild appeared first on KrisAnne Hall.
  5. A Constitutional Look At DeVos, Pruit, Haley – 2017-01-18 09:42:02-05Today we’re going to be taking a look at three of Trumps nominees in light of the Constitution. Alternately you can listen to the “KrisAnne Hall Show” on YouTube.The post A Constitutional Look At DeVos, Pruit, Haley appeared first on KrisAnne Hall.
  6. Guilt, Malice, or Folly? – 2017-01-18 22:28:57-05Today’s #Point2Ponder: I just want to put politicians on notice. They seem to use words that don’t mean what they think they mean. So, let’s clarify: Just because you are a Republican, doesn’t make you a conservative. Just because you are a conservative, doesn’t make you a Constitutionalist. And just because you went to law school, […]The post Guilt, Malice, or Folly? appeared first on KrisAnne Hall.
  7. The Inauguration of Trump – 2017-01-19 10:54:09-05While the nation is transfixed on the upcoming inauguration of Trump it is important that we do not forget that cabinet appointee’s and the President are meant to be our humble servants  dedicated to the protection and preservation of the people’s liberty. It is time that we begin to demand this kind of service and […]The post The Inauguration of Trump appeared first on KrisAnne Hall.
  8. Fighting Trickle Down Tyranny – 2017-01-20 09:36:26-052 stories that you will not want to believe are true…but they are.  Will we stand in defense of Liberty with these people, or will we surely hang separate? Alderman Scott Levin 630-530-3000 https://www.elmhurst.org Mark O’Connell, President Kellogg Community College 450 North Avenue Battle Creek, Mi 49017 269-965-3931The post Fighting Trickle Down Tyranny appeared first on KrisAnne Hall.

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